Appian bar charts - how to prevent trailing decimal places to appear in label


I have built a bar chart with a simple measure of SUM of time

but when I put the labels I see

a value like 47.9499999999999996

I have checked the issue is not with data.. I do not have that kind of data. I have a solution that I round off the the time taken, store it in another variable and use it for SUM and it works.. but I cannot individually round off the time field.. the overall data deviates a lot. All I need is to round off the above data to 47.95 .. when I see the expression generated by the MEASURE function on the chart I see

Is there a way i can modify this expression so that it returns a value upto 1 or 2 decimal places..

I tried using round func in this expression but that's not working

thanks much 



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