Sometimes there is no value after converting elapsed time in portal.

I am using "getportalreportdatasubset" and APPIAN 7.7 . Here I am facing strange issue with the report column named "Elapsed time" which is saved as "Duration" data type in portal report.
Expression to Calculate Elapsed time is : pp!starttime-(if(find("/",pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate)=0,gmt(datetime(left(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate,4),mid(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate,6,2),mid(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate,9,2),mid(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate,12,2),mid(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate,15,2),right(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate,2))),gmt(pv!cdtClientReportDetails.DocCreatedDate)))

I have created new column and saved value of this "Elapsed time" (same expression) as Number(Rounded to 2 Decimal Places).I am converting this decimal value in Year, days, hours format in my SAIL code, For this I am using expression rule , Sometimes I get value sometimes blank value from Portal. Th...



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