Blue Prism inegration with Appian

Hello guys,

I'd like to integrate Appian with Blue Prism. At the very beggining i've imported pack from Appmarket and configured everything so it's works pretty well. It send those dummy data to robotque but i'd like to use this integration for my process and now igot stuck... Tried to configure this step by step with:

We got one input value (text) account number and one output value Success boolean (it is flag in blueprism). When i finished wanted to give it a try and there is my error: 


Error! [title=SOAP Fault, message=A SOAP Fault was returned, detail=Couldn't process soap inputs - Could not process parameter Nrrachunku]

(parameter Nrrachunku means accountNumber)

I think i did everything correctly and dunno why this is happening.

Can you please help me figure it out and help with integrate to my application?

Thank you in advance 


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