how the run .exe file of configurator on mac 10.15?

I tried Wine bottler to execute it but I am getting an error as "Prefix creation exited with error" or "Prefix creation aborted"

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  • The configurator is a guided set up which makes sure you have Java, Maven, and Maven credentials all set up. It currently is only available for Windows. You can do these steps easily by following the documentation

  • Hi Danny,

    Thanks for your response, I am editing the settings.xml, I can see I need a SERVER ID to provide in few places. Could you please let me know where can I find this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Your Server ID should most likely be jidoka but what it is referring to is specific profiles used in the pom.xml file when pushing code to Appian RPA.

    Repositories require authentication. Contact your administrator to provide you with valid usernames and passwords to include in the <servers> section of the file settings.xml. you must add the following XML fragment, replacing the values for elements <user> and <password> by the credentials provided inside the element <server>.


    Don't confuse this identifier, which value is jidoka, referencing the credentials (element <server>), with the one corresponding to the profile (element <profile>), which value is jidoka-repo.

    For Maven to associate these credentials with any repository, the identifiers (elements <id>) for each of them must match. In our case, this identifier is jidoka and it appears both in the elements relative to repositories, <repositories>, <pluginRepository> and <distributionManagement>, and inside the element <server>.

    Using this configuration, your Maven commands that use the jidoka-repo profile will be able to access the repository dependencies. You won't need to set up repositories for each project within the pom.xml file, although you would have to specify the profile modifier, -Pjidoka-repo, for each execution.