Can we use any App Market Plugins in Appian RPA?

We are planning to reuse a plugin that is available in AppMarket. Can you please suggest a way to enable the plugins in Appian RPA.

Any references will be appreciated. thanks

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  • Appian RPA  has  great tool to accelerate development of your robotic processes, they are Snippet. 

    These utilities provide you with an easier implementation of common robotic tasks involving, for example, browsing a web page or interacting with a Windows desktop application, saving you a ton of typing for repetitive tasks.

    They may not be 100% suitable for your particular case. If so, copy the library to your IDE, understand how it is built to know how the tool works and adapt the snippet to your needs. With a little practice, you will see the wide range of application possibilities they can have!

    Here is the list of currently available snippets:

    By the way, Which  plugin are you evaluating to reuse?

  • The best way to do that would be to use an Appian Process Model and drag the plugin onto the canvas as an Integration Smart Service, and then use the results of the integration to pass as Input Parameters/Instructions to an Appian RPA Robotic Process (or vice versa use results of appian rpa process and pass to integration). see the attached photo