RPA on premise

Hi Team,

My organization has Appian on premise with version 19.4 and 20.1.

Can you let me know the process to onboard Appian RPA apart from moving to cloud if applicable?

And steps needed to move from premise to cloud as well.


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  • Appian RPA has two primary systems..   

    First, The Appian RPA orchestration server and design console operate on Appian Cloud and is not available on-premise.

    Second, Robotic resources operating on a Windows, Linux or Mac machine which actually execute the robotic processes run on a computer wherever a client wishes.    These may be on-premise or in a cloud environment of the client's choosing.

    If you are interested in migrating your primary Appian environments to Appian Cloud from on-premise, we have programs in place to assist customers with this transition.   We would suggest reaching out to your Appian Account Executive or Appian Support on this process.

    Best Regards