Robot not "selecting" a row on Notepad

Good day

I have a running robot (Windows) that opens a notepad (selects an already open window) and SHOULD copy the first row, but it is not working at all.

I have a section that does the following:

1. Clears clipboard

2. Presses SHIFT + DOWN  (uses the press and release action, the modifier key SHIFT, and the extra key DOWN)

3. Presses CTRL + Character: C  (uses the press and release action, the modifier key CTRL, and the extra key Character: C)

4. Pastes the content of the clipboard into a variable

The problem is... action #2 does not seem to be working at all!  It is evident that nothing is getting "selected" (should be "painted" in blue) when the robot is executing.

I've also tried replacing action #2 for this set of actions:

2a. Press SHIFT (uses the press and HOLD key action with the modifier key SHIFT)

2b. Press END (uses the press and release key action with the key DOWN)

2c. Release SHIFT (uses the RELEASE key action  with the modifier key SHIFT)


But that sequence does not work either.

What am I missing?  This should be pretty straightforward but I am stump.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Sometimes you need to make sure the Application is active. If you use the action 'Does desktop window title exist?" You can set the bot to activate the window title if it finds it by name. Use this before action #2 to see if that helps.

    You can also use tabbing to try and change where the focus area is.