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I am creating a BOT, need to interact with element - login and password --> credentials..should be simple and straightforward but something's wrong..any help will be appreciated.

for login, am trying to use name as selector with username as value

same issue with class name..

and it is unable to find this selector

as you see the source code doesn't gives me too many options..

when I try to use the recorder picks up the CSS selector with value as c-portal-login and the login works perfectly but the problem is for the password field as well recorder is picking CSS selector = c-portal-login which confuses the BOT later (quite obviously) and the BOT updates the value of login and password credentials both on the same login field..

any suggestion will be helpful



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  • Try changing the 'Interact with element' action for the password action to use the 'Update value with password' interaction with the Name Selector for the password field.

  • thx Randell for your time.. I tried it already..a couple of permutation and combination with login and password field.. strangely the BOT is not recognising anything other than CSS selector and XPath for both of them and whatever I use .. it is updating the login field

    of course for login, interaction is: Update value with username

    for password, interaction is: Update value with password

    The password action have the following parameters

    I have tried with class with value as "slds-input inputHasError". It does not work

    If I see the properties for the password action..I see the name selector as not of much help

    so I am kind of blocked.

    I am not sure if Appian BOT allows this.. Is there a way I can use the selector data-id that I see in the source code for both login and password (they are different). Appian allows only the following selectors..I understand

    Is there a way i can write an expression to use my custom selector like data-id ??

    I have tried with ID = "respective value as given in data-id field" but that does not work either.

    or any other solution ?? looks like nothing out of the box available



  • in xpath use expression

    "//input[@data-id='emailInput']" is the solution .. something similar for password. It works.