Appian RPA update multiple get attributes in RPA Loop


I am trying to create a BOT that will read records from Appian DB, hit a website, extract information (get attributes) and update few other columns of the DB.

The table is

The BOT reads restaurantname (in a loop), get attributes (status and date) and update the DB back

this is what I have

Loop is: foreach pv!restaurant.restaurantName

Update value in search is "interact with element" with value as fv!item

Get Date is 'get attribute' with target as restaurant.inspectionDate where restaurant is a variable of type CDT that has

when i run this BOT (through a process model) I see the restaurant names are picked up fine by the loop (one after another),

however the status and date values that gets updated is for the last entry in the table (in this case: Gallery Market & Cafe) 

so when I see the process variable in BOT after it has run it is 

[{"restaurantID":1,"restaurantName":"True Food Kitchen","restaurantStatus":"Status: Permitted","inspectionDate":"June 29, 2022"},
{"restaurantID":2,"restaurantName":"Gallery Market & Cafe","restaurantStatus":"Status: Permitted","inspectionDate":"June 29, 2022"}]
but actually it should be 
[{"restaurantID":1,"restaurantName":"True Food Kitchen","restaurantStatus":"Status: Permitted","inspectionDate":"Aug 31, 2022"},
{"restaurantID":2,"restaurantName":"Gallery Market & Cafe","restaurantStatus":"Status: Permitted","inspectionDate":"June 29, 2022"}]
How do I make my BOT retain the attribute value (Aug 31, 2022) of the first record and not get overridden by the attribute value of the last record ??
any help will be appreciated
my process model works fine.. the problem I see is in the BOT itself. Once the Value is updated correctly the process model will do its job. Let me know if you need more information 
my current output is 
but it should be

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