Screenshot resolution unattended bot on VM

I have created a RPA process to log into a software on our internal network and take screenshots of a machines status and then sends those screenshots to a user outside of the network.  The bot is running unattended on a Virtual Machine.  When I have the remote desktop open, the screenshots take the image of the entire screen.  However, when I allow the bot to run unattended the screen resolution is too small to capture the whole screen (see attached images as examples).  The virtual machine is managed via VMware.

Does anyone know how to increase the screen resolution of the bot on the unattended Virtual Machine?

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  • This feature is available as of Appian RPA 8.6. You should request to upgrade your Appian RPA version if possible. (Creating a support ticket).

    If it is not possible, without this feature, the resolution is stablished by default in the windows registry normally is (1024 x768). It is defined in the Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\Configuration key., We could help you to modify it, but our recommendation is upgrade the RPA version and use the new feature. 

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