Import Templates icon not available on community acct

Hi team,

I was following the document 
asking me to select Template from the toolbar and then select 'Import Template' but I do not find the import template icon on my community edition. 
I can just see the default ones..
When I see the Appian documentation at I can see the import template icon on the top right in the doc.
Can someone pls help
is it just me or do I need to update something somewhere to get the import template icon ?? for now while I wait I have raised this to support team as well

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  • Hi!

    Thanks for the question. We removed the import template capability in a previous release and have not yet updated the documentation. You can still import a robotic process using the steps here

    Let me know if you have other questions!


  • Thanks Katie. Being new to Appian RPA I am following the tutorials mostly. I am importing the robotic process with the link you have shared.

    As step 1 I downloaded the Hello World Template

    which sits as 

    Now trying to 

    but I get a message



  • Hi Jaideep! You won't be able to import this template file as a robotic process - the documentation Katie references is for importing a robotic process from a previously exported robotic process, which is a method than can be used for creating a reference process that can be imported to reapply an existing process - similar to the purpose of templates. But I realize it won't help you specifically for this tutorial, which is using a template file! I will get you specific guidance on how to get past this step in the tutorial without the use of the template file - and we will make sure this tutorial is updated to remove the need to import a template in the future.


    Ok Jaideep - I have some steps that should help you move forward with the tutorial. Go to Robotic processes and create a new process:

    In the Create robotic process dialog select the Hello World template:

    Provide name and permissions...

    And after create you will see a file will be downloaded...

    This file is what you should need for the rest of the tutorial as I understand you are doing the extending RPA lesson:

    The rest of the tutorial should work for you but I will point out it is an older tutorial that has the older designer as well which will not match the designer you have now. So there could still be some differences until we update this tutorial. But if you get stuck and have more questions let us know.

    Hope this helps.



  • Thanks Kevin..I will give it a try :-)



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