Passing a RPA variable inside an evaluate expression


I'm trying to create an RPA that fetches data from a table from a system and then do operations on that data.

I'm able to fetch the table data, and I have a section with a expression rule that does the correct parsing on that data, but I'm not able to use them in junction.

I'm trying to pass the data like this (the value is not empty), but the value being passed is always empty, according to logs.

Anyone can help me with what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Hi:

    I have reviewed (and tested) your case, and everything looks fine. You can execute directly the rule, as you can see below, but your expression is right.


    How do you know that the value being passed is always empty? Did you included Log traces on the flow? I recommend you test expression rule in the RPA using the same constant you used to test the Expression Rule.

    Do the value of resTable if empty? The variable resTable is of type AX_TESTE_PARSE_CDT, right?