The RPA agents go offline when the AWS server is shut down.

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Hi everyone,

We initially installed a development agent on an AWS server to enable the execution of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) process. When the AWS server is connected, the RPA process runs smoothly. However, when the AWS server gets disconnected, the agent goes offline, causing interruptions in the RPA process.

To address this issue, we attempted to use a task scheduler, which previously allowed us to activate the agent at scheduled times or manually. Unfortunately, the task scheduler has recently been unreliable, failing to activate the agent as expected. This problem has been occurring only in the development and testing AWS servers for the past month, while the production environment continues to function properly.

I discovered a beneficial feature called "Auto Sign-In" in Appian RPA, which offers the ability to automatically restart a bot without requiring manual login to AWS. This feature aims to provide a convenient and uninterrupted execution of the RPA bot.

However, it appears that the "Auto Sign-In" feature did not function as expected and did not successfully restart the bot.

It is crucial to resolve this problem promptly to ensure uninterrupted execution of the RPA process in the development and testing environments.

We kindly request your assistance in providing a solution to address the issue at hand, so that we can promptly work on implementing the recommended steps. We appreciate your assistance in advance.

Thanks & Regards,

Nisha Vincent.

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