Open browser in a robotic task executed in execute robotic task smart service

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I have a problem with a robotic task executed by a service account and the privileges to open a browser.

I created a robotic task that starts by opening a browser to download a PDF. When I manually execute the robotic task, it runs without any issues.

I'm using an execute robotic task node in a process to run this task. I created the integration with the connected system using an API Key from a valid user (Service Account). This user is included in the security settings of the objects related to the task.

When I run the process and the robotic task is executed, as the execution of the node is assigned to the Service Account user, I receive the following error:

"[STAT]            - - <ACTION_START> - Start action 'browser->open-browser-v2' - 'Open browser' // dur: - - avg: - etc:
[ERROR]       - - Error code APNX-1-4530-000 with message "Unknown error. Please contact administrator with the following message: The user [Service Account user] does not have sufficient privileges to perform the requested action.." found for resource /api/v1/evaluate"

I don't know what i'm doing wrong or if it's not possible to open a browser in execute robotic task smart service.

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