Open Record Links In New Window

Hey everyone,


I have a requirement where the user would like to be able to navigate back from a record to the page that requested it.

How this is currently working is that I have a site, and on the main site home page, users can click on record links associated with tasks assigned to the user. Users can also perform a search using a form that I built and return back results which have record links in a table that the user can click on to view more details about the record selected.

I'm currently using a!recordLink, but I found something on the community to use a!safelink and pass in the urlforrecord function to the uri. This opened the link in a new window which fixed the issue (It's not a back button, but the customer was happy with this solution), but the problem I now have is that the record is displayed in Tempo and not embedded in the site link a!recordlink was. I am aware that I could alter the URL to not point at Tempo and instead look at my Site, but I am reluctant to do this in case Appian changes the URL structure.

I also thought to reuse the record rule as an interface with a back button, but then the user would not be able to have any of the record views/related actions displayed.

If anyone has some suggestions how to fix this solution (Either by making the record open in a site, or provide a means for a back button or similar) I would appreace it.



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