Appian UI capabilities?

I am an Enterprise Architect, coming in halfway through a project, and I'm working with an Appian platform for the first time.  I have most recently worked extensively with Mendix, and I am an expert developer on that low-code platform.

I am trying to establish how 'rich' the Appian UI can be, but I find very few resources, either in terms of Appian material, or references to 'widgets' that might use richer interface solutions.  For example, it would appear to be impossible to use drag-and-drop, resizing of elements to change data dynamically in the background, copy-paste, right-click, etc., due to the lack of javascript integration.

Is this correct?  

Having asked my very experienced lead developer a few questions, his response:

  • Q:  Thanks  ... it helps me in terms of knowing that the Appian interface is quite dry and flat. :-)  To be clear; Appian can NOT use JavaScript?
  • A:  Exactly. And true. NO JS.  We do not implement any HTML or CSS stuff directly and no JavaScript. We have the graphical widgets provided by Appian.

If this is truly the case, then it would appear that Appian is unable to fulfil the UX requirements of the customer, which would be a shame to discover in the second Sprint!

Any help or information would be very appreciated.

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