forEach loop issue

Hi Team,

I have dataset where i have list of cloumn . I want to perform aggeration in that.

I have written some code but further i am not able to write , can anyone help me on that , what to add next .


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[Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:14]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:6]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:62]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:67]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:1,C:0,D:0]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:10]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:112]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:6]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:12]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:86]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:3]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:3]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:House,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:46]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:53]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:3]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:3]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:Car,A:3,B:0,C:0,D:0]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:47]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:49]; [Asset:Car,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:2]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:1]; [Asset:Land ,A:0,B:0,C:0,D:3]

local!test: a!forEach(
items: local!,


A: sum(fv!item.A),--This sum operation should work at asset level , in this its not working as i am iterating all the rows, so same data is coming . But i want to return limited set of rows for each asset only.
B: sum(fv!item.B),
C: sum(fv!item.C),
D: sum(fv!item.D)


I want dataset from this forEach loop where all respective items should be sum at Asset level.


I mean





asset:House A:10 B:20 c:30 D:40 Total:100

asset:Land A:10 B:20 c:130 D:40 Total:200

asset:Car A:10 B:20 c:230 D:40 Total:300

 Please ignore data, that i just added here randomly for more clarity.


Kindly help me to resolve my issues.







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