Can I link to another interface inside an interface?

Can I link to an action (which involves an interface being pulled up) from a different interface??

(there are a limited number of pages you can have on an Appian site and I want to group all these objects and actions together on one page)

More details below

What I want my Page on an Appian Site to look

I am setting up an interface which will allow the viewing and editing of current objects and I want to have a button that takes you to another interface (form for the creation of new object)


Right now I have the interface set as its own page for the Appian site and it works in creating new objects.

I know there is a way to link to a process but then you have to pass in parameters, etc, etc

It is not an action specific to a record- so not a related action

I don't care if the form appears as a pop up or if it shows it on the page itself

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