Feature Request: enable Rich Text display in Paging Grids

At the moment there are only two paging grid column types: plaintext and "image", which has super limited configurability.  Plaintext columns can be configured to show a link optionally, but not much more than this.

With the recent improvements in the Rich Text capabilities, to include colors, the great RichTextIcon library (plus a really slick amount of options for it), and others, it's becoming increasingly dreary to use paging grids for anything, since Editable Grids (as well as the special, less-configurable paging grids used for Record List Grids) offer so much more flexibility when each cell can be rendered as a rich text display field.

My wishlist would be to have at least one of the following in a subsequent version of Appian, as early as possible:

  • A new "gridColumn" type, i.e. "a!gridRichTextColumn", which would function a lot like a!gridTextColumn (but without the need for the "links" parameter), where it's assumed that the "data" array passed in will be one a!richTextItem for every row.  And of course the a!richTextItem would be allowed to contain the standard nested set of subcomponents when necessary, potentially allowing for different styles, different links, separate lines, and any mixture of these.
  • Alternatively, an updated version of a!gridTextColumn, where it can now be passed either plaintext (as currently) OR individual a!richTextItem instances, similar to in the prior bullet.  (Also, side note, if you guys update a!gridTextColumn again anytime soon, PLEASE PLEASE add the Help Tooltip parameter, too!)

I have no way of knowing whether there's some severe technical limitation preventing this from becoming reality, but from where I'm sitting it seems like this would be reasonably easy functionality to add.  Sometimes editable grids simply don't cut it, such as when OOB paging or sorting is strictly required, so this functionality is pretty sorely missing.

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