Dynamic Icons in RichText Fields

Hi All,

I am using this code fragment below as a visual button so that if the user clicks the icon, it toggles between green and red and a true/false value is updated in an interface rule input.  I love it.  However, I am trying to see if I can change the icon itself when true to a different Appian icon - thumbs-up.

The desired behavior is when false, remain as is.  But when true, show icon thumbs-up and color "#32CD32.



              label: "Flag as Emergency",
              labelPosition: "ABOVE",
              value: {
                  icon: "exclamation-triangle",
                  link: a!dynamicLink(
                    value: if(ri!isOk, false, true),
                    saveInto: ri!isOk
                  color: if(ri!isOk, "#32CD32" ,"NEGATIVE"),
                  size: "LARGE"
              align: "LEFT"

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