Appian 18.3: Application Designer OBJECTS, MONITORING tabs, IMPORT PATCH btn, and USER PROFILE icon disappeared after big application name

In 18.3 Appian Designer, within an application, I came across a behavior when one of the developer gave big application name with more than 100 characters and then OBJECTS & MONITORING tabs started shifting towards right. I checked application name char limit while creating a new application. It is 255 characters. Just for the sake of testing, I entered an application name with 255 chars to check impact on OBJECTS & MONITORING tabs. 

To my surprise, they are completely gone and not visible in application designer with 100% zoom. I tried to re-size browser to check if appear on next line but no, they didn't. 

Please see below screenshots. This behavior doesn't affect us or cause any issue but not so convenient to designers.


Screenshot 1: Application name before any changes


Screenshot 2: Long Application name with 255 characters updated through Application Properties. Browser is at 100% and MONITORING & OBJECTS tab are gone along with application settings and user profile icon.


Screenshot 3: GOOD NEWS! After stretching out browser to right on large monitor screen, I can see OBJECTS and MONITORING tab. But, tabs are jumbled together and doesn't look good.

Screenshot 4: GOOD NEWS! Upon zooming out to 50%. Everything is back to normal but tabs are shifted to right.


Conclusion: Although there is a workaround to bring back tabs and all other objects, I suggest adding an ellipsis (...) if application name exceeds 50 chars to avoid tabs shifting towards right.

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