how to show more than 500 characters of helptooltip for a dropdown?

Have a large "HelpToolTip" text more than 500 characters limit which is a mandatory text for the product type. 

Please advise how to can we show a large helptooltip on a dropdown? (It cannot take a link field inside the "label" property or buttonwidget inside the "label" to show beside the label of dropdown.

How to fix it?

Can we show help text for each option in the dropdown list instead when user hover's on to it the help text shows up for each option separately?

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    Does the OOTB tooltip attribute of components not work for you? It's not clear in your post if you had tried that already, but it should support just about 500 characters per my testing. If you need more characters, then I would consider instruction text or a rich text component. For large amounts of help information, I would think it might be easier for a user to read if on-screen instead of a pop-up.


                 label: "Test Field",

                 labelPosition: "ABOVE",

                 helptooltip: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla bibendum diam odio, in viverra urna ultricies eu. In vel nisi mi. Proin pulvinar, tellus in sollicitudin luctus, nulla purus placerat ante, in tempor neque turpis ac orci. Suspendisse eleifend, lorem et tempus mattis, dui leo semper ipsum, vel consectetur lorem elit a nibh. Cras cursus enim ut laoreet ultrices. Morbi consequat feugiat laoreet. Sed tempus, urna at pretium sagittis, quam sapien blandit enim, quis laoreet erat nisl sed.",

                 saveInto: {},

                 refreshAfter: "UNFOCUS",

                 validations: {}


  • Yes tried this already. Howevert, used rich text field with a clickable link to show the description when user wants to. Thanks
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