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There is a search bar in my record list along with a few user filters. I understand where to edit and add the user filters in the record type object but where is the SAIL code where I can I edit the search bar? I can't see where it is defined in the record type object. Thanks!

  • The search bar is there by default on all Appian record lists and can not be edited.
  • In all Appian versions, the search bar's functionality is the same: a user enters some text and that text is then used to filter the record list. By default, it will split the search term on spaces (I think) and then search each text or number column for that content. Custom column definitions may not be searchable. However, you are able to change how this is filtered by specifying a custom source expression. Before 18.3 this could be quite complex, but it is much simpler in 18.3 onwards.

    Before 18.3, when you provided a custom source expression, you had to parse the Query object that was provided. This includes some logical expressions. filters and paging info, but also contains the hidden type 'Search' somewhere within the logical expression. You had to find this object, rip it out and replace it with something new based on what you ripped out. It was a painful process, even with some of the helper functions provided by Appian.

    With 18.3 onwards, custom source expressions provide each component of the query separately: filters, paging info and search text! With this, you can easily parse the search text (from the search bar) and generate a filter, then wrap that around the existing filters to use in a query. However, default filters may need to become part of that custom source expression due to how the ordering of filters works.

    In summary, the search bar can have how it filters records changed, but the functionality of the component cannot be changed. Depending on your version, changing how it filters may be simple or complex.

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