Is there a smarter way to pick unique records being fetched by a query expression?

Hi All,

My name is Sam and i am new to Appian development and hence might be asking a few rudimentary questions. For this one, i have a query expression that is returning me a year value as {2019, 2019,2019,2018,2018,2017}. As you see this is returning values from different rows of a database. Now what i would like to do is get the unique values from this list so my output should like "{2019,2018,2017}". After studying the built in functions the only function i was able to use to achieve what i need was union () where my code looked like union((rule!<rule>(year)),rule!<rule>(year))) , where i am doing a union between the same set of data. Somehow i feel this is not efficient. Is there any other built in function that woudl allow me to extract the unique values from my array list with duplicates.

Any pointers would be helpful.

Thanks again community.




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