Is there any way to download the user form after setting the data ?

In an user interface form, user fill up the form. Once the data is set, need to preview the data filled and download if required.

Is there any smarter way to work on this

  • Can you be more specific about the requirements needed? As you've outlined thus far I would probably store all that data in one cdt, display a readonly version of the form after the user hits 'next' or 'submit' signifying that the data is set, and then tell them to print screen (to get an image of the exact page) or use one of the 'Export Data Store Entity' smart services depending on what your exact need is.
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    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I want to know if there is any smart way to configure a button or link on the form to download the user filled form in pdf format...

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    There is no pure (and simple) out of the box way or function to do so. The way that would most closely align to what you are asking for would be to create a fillable PDF template with the same format as your form, and then populate the pdf in process with the appropriate fields.

    What I have seen in the past as an alternative is people utilizing the browser print function via a webapi (so that a link can call that webapi) and then tell users to select the 'print to pdf' option as a relatively simple workaround.
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    Thanks Kenneth for a good suggestion.

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