Unexpected redirection to a random record

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Hi all,

I'm experiencing a weird behavior in an application: when the user submit a form and the process is end, he/she will be automatically redirected to a random record view.

The process is not started from any record (it's not a related action nor anything triggered from there) and there's no relation between the form submitted information and the rendered record. I can clearly see the page redirecting and reloading a different page (it's also changing the URL in the browser's address bar).

I also saw that the system logs are printing this line:

2019-04-10 09:05:10.667 INFO [ajp-nio-8009-exec-18647] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke 2019-04-10 09:05:10,151 [ajp-nio-8009-exec-18647] ERROR com.appiancorp.uritemplates.fn.GetObjectDataFromUriFunction - Problem Retrieving Page Title Details, Matched CDT: RecordLink

The system is a cloud instance upgraded to the 19.1 version.

Is someone having a similar issue?
Please let us know if you need more information about how to reproduce this issue.


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