Custom picker field configuring from Database


Scenario: In interface, i need to configure custom picker field of one column from a database table example, employee table has empId, firstName, Lastname, address, city, country, state, zip, phoneNumber, uniqueIdBasedOnCountry(varchar 20)-- this is varchar but i am storing only number in DB like 2345, 1234, 3567,..

I need to pull only  uniqueIdBasedOnCountry column from db and give suggestion for user to select in picker field. Based on number a user selects, i need to collect empId, country details and concat in display as USA-2345

Now i am able to query db and pull in suggestion picker field, i am getting error while saving (even i am not concatenating right now) getting error

Interface Definition: Expression evaluation error at function a!forEach [line 187]: Error in a!forEach() expression during iteration 1: Expression evaluation error at function 'wherecontains' [line 191]: Invalid types, can only act on data of the same type (Text, Any Type)

Please suggest how to achieve or even resolve my error

Thanks in advance,


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