Record Picker component is not working

I am trying to implement a record picker component within a form layout. For some reason is not working the way it should be. After implementing the expression code below the search results appears to be "No results found" when I tried to search for something using the component. I have created a constant (cons!ERP_PROVIDER_RECORD) that points to the record type and a local variable to hold the selected records. What I need to do is to find a way to fetch a list of providers (which are already stored in the backend) so the user can pick them to complete the form.

Here is the expression code:

label: "Proveedores Seleccionados",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
placeholder: "Escriba para seleccionar proveedores",
recordType: cons!ERP_PROVIDER_RECORD,
value: local!storedRecord,
saveInto: local!storedRecord,
validations: {}

Please help to fix this issue.

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