Feature Request: add Confirmation Message capabilities to a!dynamicLink()

Certified Lead Developer

Use Case: There are numerous valid use cases where a confirmation message pop-up is useful even when not submitting a form.  Case in point, we are currently able to do this using the ButtonWidget component(s) even when not configured to submit.

  • a!submitLink has the ability to define confirmation message parameters in a way analogous to the ButtonWidget
  • However, other SAIL link styles do not have this capability
  • Therefore, I request that the same parameters be added to a!dynamicLink(), as well as perhaps certain other link types such as Start Process Link and Task Link
  • This would allow us to more fully utilize the various SAIL link components (especially paired with Rich Text and Card Layouts) in places where we might currently be forced to stick to ButtonWidgets.

I look forward to hearing from anyone else who might agree with this, and/or if anyone has any further comments or questions.


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