using pickerFieldUsers

I have the following a!pickerFieldUsers in my interface

label: "New Owner",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
saveInto: local!userToTransferTo,
/*value: local!userToTransferTo,*/
required: true,
validations: {},
placeholder: "--Start typing officer name--"


This is supported by the local variable in the interface:


What I want is for the field to allow me to enter any user into the pickerFieldUsers and store it into local!userToTransferTo and furthermore, once a value has been added to that field, for the current value of local!userToTransferTo to be displayed in the field.

However, when I type a user into the field, it allows me to type a user - but the value immediately dissapears. If I uncomment the value parameter however, the entire interface displays an error.

Can someone please advise how one goes about using this field type to record the name of a user that you want to interact with [so as to pass the username on to a process Model that will use the information?

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