How to display icon in a record list ?


I'm new with Appian solution.

I'm trying to display an Icon in a link for each row in my record list.

This is the code I produced:

  label: a!richTextDisplayField(
    label: a!richTextIcon(
      icon: "eye",
      color: "ACCENT"
  recordType: rp!type,
  identifier: rp!id

And this is the result, not really what I want Slight smile

[@attributes=[@anyAttribute=[_cId:894355386587a9ecdef4ac8b655fcf5a], @nil=], label=[@attributes=[@anyAttribute=[_cId:f5463dfc5bbaba48a6f3b69c85a3e167], @nil=], icon=eye, iconId=f06e, altText=, caption=, flip=, size=, color=ACCENT, customSize=, actions=], labelPosition=ABOVE, instructions=, value=[@attributes=[@anyAttribute=[_cId:052dd425d6743c31d6829fae42b0ca51], @nil=], values=, actions=], valueAlignment=, actions=, helpTooltip=, accessibilityText=]

Is it possible to display an Icon ?


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