Site Page title with a!refreshVariable

I have inserted the following piece of code in order to show always the updated number of available tasks to the users.

 local!report: a!refreshVariable(
  value: a!queryProcessAnalytics( 
   report: cons!IOC_USER_TASK_REPORT,
   contextProcessModels: {
   query: a!query(
    pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(startIndex: 1, batchSize: 1000),
    filter: a!queryFilter(
     field: "c1",
     operator: "<>",
     value: 2 
 refreshInterval: 0.5
"Workflows (" & length(
) & ")"

Sadly enough, the automatic refreshing is not working at all. Is this an expected behavior or there is something wrong with this code?

I am running on Appian Cloud 19.2

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