file Upload

Hi ,

I have a scenario like having 10 questions with respective of file upload fields.

when i am  uploading a file with irrespective of question the file has been uploading in all 10 questions upload document field with same document.

is there any solution for this to upload only in one filed.


Archana. K

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  • Hi Archana,

    better to use 10 different rule input variables for each question.

    it will solve



  • Collecting a variable number of file uploads on one form gets complicated and requires medium - advanced SAIL knowledge to do well, but it's definitely possible. 

    But first we'd need to know more details about your use case - what variable(s) are you trying to save the uploaded documents into?  Is it in a CDT or just a rule input of type Document?  Is it an array or single?  Can you post a code snippet here to demonstrate what you're trying so far, and/or a screenshot of the error that's happening for you to clarify for us?