How to persist task sail form component value changes when using link field with a start process link?

We have a sail task form with some ui components users can interact with to change state.    We have also added a start process link flow to allow a uses to  work through another complex sub process.  When that process is complete the current sail task form is then re-loaded however all the state changes are lost.   Is there any out of the box appian patterns we can use to save the state so the component field changes are saved or is this simply not achievable.    

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    Is the initial SAIL form already being used within a process model?  If so, it might be easiest by far to simply call the side process as an actual subprocess and have the user loop back to the original form when they're done with it.  This way, you could very easily persist whatever on-form data you want into process variable values, to be reloaded automatically when they return to the same form again.