Home page suggestion (Use RecordType in Interface based on Type of record)

Hello Team,

In my application there are around 7 record types. On my home page I am planning to use the Card Layout (using RichText) to show each of these types. Upon selection I wish to show the relevant Record Type for each selection. Firstly, is this possible? I am planning to use the dynamicLink to set a local variable and use to render the relevant record Type in my interface. I have defined a constant to "Record Type" and when I try to render based on whether my local variable is set, I am getting an error "An array of components may only contain Components. Retrieved RecordType at index..."

Please suggest is it possible to call RecordType in this manner? What am I doing wrong? Is there any other interface design pattern I can use to render each recordType in a better fashion.

Thank you in advance!



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