Radio Button Not Updating Save Value

I have a radio button that is defined as follows:

	label: "",
	labelPosition: ri!labelPosition,
	choiceLabels: {
	choiceValues: {
	value: ri!weightUnit,
	saveInto: {
				height: ri!height,
				weight: ri!weight,
				heightUnit: ri!heightUnit,
				weightUnit: ri!weightUnit
	showWhen: not(
	choiceLayout: ri!choiceLayout

When I change the value from kg to lbs, the value of local!BMI is updated.  But, when I switch back to kg, it's not updated, when it should be.  I've tried testing the INS_RULE_BMICalculator with the values stored in the rule inputs, and it works fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do differently to get the local!BMI variable to update any time the value of this radio button field is changed?

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  • any chance you are using load()

    This is my first guess as well.  Several years ago I spent about 5 hours debugging a form that experienced this exact behavior when setting some lower values with an expression rule that used load() instead of with().  Luckily now a!localVariables() handles this issue by default without even needing to use the advanced a!refreshVariable() settings.

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