Error in rendering data into grid


I have a rule which takes group id as input and retrieves firstname of all users from that group.

Now I have to show the first names on a grid with batch of first 10 first then have > to go to next page.. I have a below code but same is not giving desired results:

Please help.

local!data: {
firstname : rule!test_rule_(7266),

local!pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(startIndex: 1, batchSize: 10),
local!datasubset: todatasubset(local!data, local!pagingInfo),
label: "Example: Display Data in a Read-Only Paging Grid",
totalCount: local!datasubset.totalCount,
columns: {
label: "Firs Name",
field: "firstname",
data: local!,
alignment: "RIGHT"

value: local!pagingInfo,
saveInto: local!pagingInfo

  • What error are you getting exactly? Can you attach a screenshot. Also, to render data properly change the code of gridTextColumn() as 

              label: "First Name",
              field: "firstname",
              data: index(local!,"firstname",{}),
              alignment: "LEFT"

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