Inconsistent Mobile Image Functionality


I am working on a mobile-focused application that has a requirement to display images and to be able to download them to the mobile device. When I view the images as an action from Tempo, I am able to download them within the viewer pane but when I go through the site and view the images I am not.  In my example image comparison, both are referencing the same documents and using the same device.  Has anyone run into this and know why the behavior is inconsistent? 

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  • Hi ,

    Can you please submit or have someone from your organization submit a ticket with Appian Support about this inconsistency so they can try to reproduce it?


  • The ticket has been submitted and responded to by Appian.  This inconsistent behavior is acknowledged by Appian and there are no immediate plans to align it between iOS and Android. 

    I did find that in cases where the download functionality doesn't appear in the expanded thumbnail, adding a download link will present it in mobile as an expanded thumbnail with option to download. 

                      images: {
                          document: local!doc1
                          document: local!doc2
                      isThumbnail: false,