Issue with selectionSaveInto in Readonly selectable Grid

local!selectedRows not saving recent selection

Hi All,

we are using 19.4 version. This foreach written inside local!variables, In the code based on the local!selectedRows saved, it will
update a dropdownfield inside a!gridLayout() using refresh varaible.

The problem is with local!selectedRows, gridField contains no of rows for each items. The selected rows should save recent selection
of each items. Selection and deselction of rows happening correctly, but local!selectedRows not updating with current selection.
It having oldselected rows value. How to get the recent selected rows updated in local!selectedRows

Please provide your suggestion.

items: local!examSeries,
expression : a!boxLayout
data: fv!
selectionValue : fv!item.selection,
selectionSaveInto :
a!save(local!selectedRows, append(local!selectedRows,fv!selectedRows)),
a!save(local!selectedRows, difference(local!selectedRows,fv!deselectedRows))

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