How to dynamically implement milestone bar?

I have to create a milestone bar which changes it's steps dynamically.

The resources I have is :

A look up table, "status_ref" containing statuses: "Pending", "Approved", "Ordered" and "Fulfilled", which represent the different statuses of a request.

We have two more statuses to deal with, those are "Canceled" and "Rejected" but those are not handled by the "status_ref". They are handled with boolean flags/columns, "is_canceled" and "is_rejected" in a "request" table containing all the requests.

I have the requirement of a milestone where first step should always be "Pending", then next possible steps shown are "Approved", then "Ordered" and then "Fulfilled". I am able to achieve this by simply using a query.

It should look like: "Pending">"Approved">"Ordered">Fulfilled".

But at any moment if request is "Pending", user can cancel the request. If it is canceled, then it should look like:

"Pending">"Canceled" (No further steps should be shown)

Or if it's Rejected then:

"Pending">"Rejected" (No further steps should be shown)

Now, the catch is, a request can be canceled after it is approved or ordered. Then milestone bar should look like:

"Pending">"Approved">"Canceled" (If Canceled after request is approved)
"Pending">"Approved">"Ordered">"Canceled" (If Canceled after request is ordered)

How can I achieve this pattern, please suggest any good dynamic approach to implement the solution.
Attaching few screenshots for better understanding showing how it should look like.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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