Custom UX Implementation?

I got a design from our UX team?  How can I write my custom CSS to implement the design in Appian?

I need some additional functionality to write in validation logic of my form.  How Can I inject my own logic using Java script?

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  • The power of Appian to deliver solutions rapidly relies in part in restricting the options and decisions that a Developer might have. Too many choices can paralyse the delivery or slow it down significantly. My strong recommendation would be to work with your UX team to educate them in what the current set of choices are that Appian's SAIL offers and work in partnership with them to deliver the optimal UX in the shortest possible time.

    Regarding validation logic - Appian provides validation capability within SAIL at the field, section and form levels so you do not need to inject any further logic.

  • I have a similar questions on the out of box layout designed for my organisation.Assume that i already have a layout designed for my application and now organisation is going for Appian , how can get my existing layout ported into appian while i update or change my workflow? I understand applan provides multiple layouts ,but you should also think of migrations in such case. Any help?

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    What exactly do you mean by "a layout"?  Is that a specific type of file, etc?

    Appian's interfaces don't really utilize anything I'm aware of that you could "port" from an unrelated system.  That said, the design elements are fairly flexible and will allow you to tailor your Appian UX to at least feel 'familiar' to users used to an organization's design scheme on other websites.

  • Layout means design specific to an organisation which has colors,fonts,css,pattern library created to leverage across entire organisation. If i understand, we should recreate the same in Appian designer only by using existing templates. Am i right? 

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