Dropdown has an invalid value with CDT

Hi everyone, I'm using dropdown for the first time in Appian and I'm stuck with a problem.

  local!listBankAccountsFrom: rule!FIN_ListBankAccounts().data,
                      label: "Bank Account From",
                      labelPosition: "ABOVE",
                      placeholderLabel: "--- Select a Value ---",
                      choiceLabels: local!listBankAccountsFrom.account_name,
                      value: ri!bankAccounFrom,
                      saveInto: ri!bankAccounFrom,
                      validations: {}

The error I get is that the dropdown component has an invalid value for "value". All selected values must be present in the choiceValues array.

I don't know why when I select a field its id is always = 1 and also why value store value like [id = 1, owner_name=ABC, while choiceValues store values like [id:1,owner_name:ABC

Anyone knows what am I doing bad?

Thank you

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