How to display duration that is in day to second format to years,days,hours, mins format in SAIL interface


I have a rule which returns the process duration in interval format. 

now()- ri!processStartTime - Given 07/01/2019 1:27 PM as the process start time, it returns 

396::00:50:49.264 (which is in day to second format). How do i display this in years, days, hrs, mins?

For eg: 

07/01/2019 1:27 PM - 1 yr 31 days 48 mins
03/17/2019 11:59 AM - 1 yr 137 days 2 hrs
Here is the interface code and screenshot for your reference.
label: "Duration",
field: "pp.startTime",
data: if(local!datasubset.totalCount=0,{},apply(rule!activeProcessDuration(_),index(index(local!,"pp",{}),
Any help is much appreciated.

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