Error when refreshing a RecordType back after deleting or deactivating a record


I have a simple record type displaying a grid, and this one has 2 related actions (update and delete)

When I click on a row, the sumary form is well displayed, but when I click on delete (and then submit the confirm form), I obtain this error :

My Delete Relative action is linked to a process model that just delete a record.

I have tried another way, in deactivating the record (in place of deleting it) by setting a status field (active = false) in the DB table, and in the RecordType DATA tab, I set the filter (active = true) to list only the active records.

But the error is the same.

Am I forgetting somthing ? 

  • If you delete a record (or set it to deleted, when the default filter only shows non-deleted entries), you will not be allowed to view that record afterwards.

    I would suggest the best way around this would be to allow deleted records to be shown alongside nondeleted records, but with a default user filter to show only current ones (which the user can change).  That way, when the user completes the related action to mark the record as removed, they'll still be able to view the record entry and navigate away without experiencing this error message.

    An alternative approach, perhaps more useful when you're strictly required to only allow users to see nondeleted record list items, and/or you really do need to delete the row (which i rarely recommend) - show the user a confirmation task that the deletion has occurred, but no submit buttons of any sort.  Instruct the user on that task that they can navigate back to the record type via the Appian navigation controls.  This will prevent them from attempting to load the record again when it's no longer allowed to be displayed.

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