Download Documents after File Upload without finishing the process

Users want to download the documents that they uploaded using file upload component before starting the process. Is there a way to do this

  • Hi,

    We cannot generate a link for a document after uploading it, as it won't be available in Appian completely at that point in time. It gets placed in a temporary storage location but not in the target folder which was mentioned in the a!fileUploadField(). Only after the FOrm submission, the document will be moved to the target location with a proper UUID and Id. Only then we can give a download link to the document.

    One way to make the work-around you described seems more user-friendly is to make the "Upload" button. Even though it is a submit button, when the flow is redirected to the same page from the user's perspective he has never left the page. He will see the Upload button as a part of the document upload process rather than thinking he has left the page and returned to it. Hope this helps.


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