Unable to Find Document in Design/Objects.

Certified Lead Developer

I recently got an error message stating that a user doesn't have permission to a certain document that's displaying in a grid. We write all our Appian doc ids to a table so while debugging I got the documentId of the document that was causing the error and searched for it in design/objects using the documentId and was on unable to find the document. I also search by the document name but found nothing as well. What's strange is that the document() function gets all the document properties and the grid that's displaying shows the document for admin users without any issues. My plan was to update the permissions of the document in design but I'm unable to find it. Thoughts?

Error message:

Error Evaluating UI Expression
Expression evaluation error [evaluation ID = X] in rule 'X' (called by rule 'X') at function a!gridField_19r1 [line 11]: User Does Not Have Rights to Perform this Operation

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