Conditionally displaying data in grid


I have an interface with a section layout which displays a read-only grid using a!gridField_19r1(). The data is fetched from a DB view using a query rule and displayed in the grid columns.

My requirement is to conditionally display the data in one of the columns called Proposal Type. There is a boolean column named IsEarlyRenewal which stores true or false and for every entry in the view, I need to conditionally display if(IsEarlyRenewal = true, "Early Renewal', whatever the original value of the ProposalType column) .

So, example: 

 id= 12345, IsEarlyRenewal = false, ProposalType = Modification -> ProposalType returned as Modification 

id= 56789, IsEarlyRenewal = true, ProposalType=Modifiction => Proposal Type returned as Early Renewal

Both the Proposal Type and IsEarlyRenewal  are columns in the view and can be fetched on the interface. 


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