Force refresh on chart with record data source

We have a variety of tools to force data refreshes on interfaces on local variable changes. For example, this is easy to do using a!refreshVariable and I've even found ways to force read-only grids based on record data to refresh using little hacks like this in the filter logic:

field: <field reference here>,
operator: if(local!updateMeToRefresh,"=","="),
value: ri!id

However, even this technique doesn't seem to work in charts such as a!barChartField() where a!recordData() is used as the data source. I have an interface where I'm showing some charts based on record data and I'd like the user to be able to refresh that data on demand (there are other components in the interface that are used to update the data behind the chart) without having to reload the page entirely. I want to use record data here, but I may have to change to local variables unless there is a way to make this work.

Looking forward to your ideas!

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