How to have gridLayoutHeaderCell in gridlayout ? How to create columns dynamically in a grid ?

I am trying below code. Here, expression rule GPO_questionDetails returns a list for a given number.

headerCells: {
items: {"230108","230109","230110"},
local!list: rule!GPO_questionDetails(questionID: fv!item),
a!gridLayoutHeaderCell(label: local!list.label)
if(not(rule!APN_isTrue(ri!isReadOnly)),a!gridLayoutHeaderCell(label: ""),{})

Error: Could not display interface. Please check definition and inputs. Interface Definition: Expression evaluation error at function a!gridLayout [line 35]: A grid component [label="program"] has an invalid value for "headerCells". "headerCells" can only be of type GridLayoutHeaderCell. Received List of GridHeaderCell at index 1.

Can some one help me to fix this ?

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