show when while using decision for a drop down field

label: "Type Of Loan",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
choiceLabels: cons!LM_LoanTypes,
choiceValues: cons!LM_LoanTypes,
value: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan,
saveInto: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan,
searchDisplay: "AUTO",
required: true

label: "Interest Rate",
labelPosition: "ABOVE",
value: if(
ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan,rule!LM_LoanRates(LoanType: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.typeOfLoan )," " ),
saveInto: ri!LM_CustomerDetails.loanid.interestRate,
refreshAfter: "UNFOCUS",
readOnly: TRUE,

i want to display interest rate through the type of loan with decision i have created.but it is not displaying

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